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Worldwide Dairy farming is growing at faster rate producing more milk and milk products using advance dairy equipment’s & dairy technology today. Mordern Dairy farm today produces vast variety of dairy products. Dairy industry which also part of much bigger agriculture industry, uses dairy equipment, agriculture equipment or agricultural machinery agricultural equipment’s in different parts of India and world over.

As the dairy industry continues to consolidate, cows are being milked more rapidly through larger milking centres on larger dairies than ever before. Parlor efficiency is critical. Milking parlor management is more important than ever and consists of managing labour, milking procedures, milking equipment—as well as evaluating Dairy Farm performance.

Excellent dairy producers exemplify that effective Dairy Farming management combined with milking parlor efficiencies can result in a great combination quality dairy products along with good profits.

MIlking Parlor Points

India being the world’s largest producer and consumer of dairy products, it represents one of the most lucrative dairy markets. The Indian dairy industry is contributing significantly to the country’s economy, besides improving the health standard by increasing the nutritional value of the food.

At 100 million tons of milk production, India is the highest milk producing country in the world. Almost half of milk produced in the country is consumed as raw milk and the rest is converted into different dairy products. The farmers main concern is optimised milking of the cow while maintaining quality of the milk, hygienic conditions and herd’s udder health.

With the increase in the technology and improvements of the knowledge of farmers, automation has started in the dairy industry. Instead of manually extracting milk from the cows, automated milking equipments are used. It Helps to produce better quality milk. It is also very pleasant to the Pet or Animal – as it simulates call sucking milking. It offers dairy man consistent Milking Practice, Uniform Milking and Ensures Hygienic and udder health. As a result it offers Increased Productivity through better Manpower management.

Milking routine made easier with Milking Parlor

Milking routine made easier with Milking Parlor

Milking Parlor:

The building where cows are milked is called a milking parlor. It is a specialized area on the dairy farm where the milking process is performed. Cows are brought into the parlor two or three times a day for milking. Parlors come in many types and names, including flat barn, herringbone, parallel, swing, walk-through and rotary.

Consumers and retailers are putting the emphasis on milk quality. Business economics demands the milking of more cows and lowering labour costs. Outdated milking equipment without automation will not let you reach optimal milk quality and will have negative effects on your herd’s udder health. A modern, efficient milking parlor can increase your profits by giving you full control of how your cows are milked, and thus improve milk quality. Milk parlor is the solution meets your needs to monitor your cows’ performance and udder health.

Parlors come in many types and names, including parallel, tandem, herringbone and rotary Parlors as per the requirements of the dairy whether it is small, medium or large.

Different types of milking parlors are

Parallel Parlor

In parallel stall the milker has easy access to the udder between the cow’s back legs, making milking less time consuming, safer for the operator and enabling quicker cow positioning.

Tandem Parlor

In tandem parlours, cows are located parallel to the milking pit. Tandem parlours allow more individual attention to the cow, but are generally slow and only appropriate for smaller herds.

Herringbone Parlor

In herringbone milking sheds, or parlours, cows enter, in single file, and line up almost perpendicular to the central aisle of the milking parlour on both sides of a central pit in which the milker works.  After washing the udder and teats the cups of the milking machine are applied to the cows, from the rear of their hind legs, on both sides of the working area. Large herringbone sheds can milk up to 600 cows efficiently with two people.

Rotary Parlor 

The milking machines connect automatically to the cow’s teats and turn off when the milking is complete. A safety mechanism ensures that cows can only be milked for a certain number of times per day, with some cows choosing to be milked four or five times a day. A robotic milking parlour is simply a voluntary milking system for cows. In a rotary parlour the cow stands on a circular raised platform, allowing the farmer to attach the milking machine from below. The platform rotates very slowly, allowing cows to enter and exit the platform at regular intervals. Milking in a rotary parlour can be quicker than in herringbone parlours, especially for large farms with big herds.

The salient features of milking parlor includes high performance, durable and reliable design, ease of cleaning, sturdy Indian design, optimized farm productivity, very low maintenance require, high cow flow efficiency, customized design facility and it is ideal for expanding herd in big dairy.

Milking Parlour Accessories:

Milking Parlour Accessories:

Milking Parlour Accessories:

Milk Cluster Unit, Milk Flow Meter, Milk Pre-Holder Tank, Vacuum Stop Unit, Control Panel, Fittings and Milk Cluster Washing Unit are the accessories used in milking parlor.

Milking Parlour washing

Correct cleaning of the milk machine is important to prevent the build-up of bacteria in the bulk milk tank. Failure to remove all milk residues and achieve adequate sterilisation will lead to bacterial multiplication that may raise the bulk milk Bactoscan level. Parlour washing is initiated by connecting the clusters to the jetters located by each milking unit. Within the parlour, the wash pipes are often plastic to help distinguish them from the stainless steel milk lines. The benefiets of auto wash system for milking parlor includes all pipes which milk has touch clean property, always same quantity water consumption, optimum disinfections dosage, rinsing water may reheat again, pre-rinse out by adustable time, easy programming reduces faults, computer adaptable, high cow comfort, cows completely free, easy installation, adjustable,fexible and positive influence on milk production.

Milking parlors are equipped with cattle lock System.The implementation of catle lock system protects udder health. makes group feeding possible, secure and comfort feeding possibility, balanced alimentation possibility and usage facility with pratical on off rod for milking.

A modern, efficient milking parlor can increase your profits by giving you full control of how your cows are milked, and thus improve milk quality.  Monitoring the milking parlor completes the management process. The goal is to monitor both the system and the workers; both employee performance and milk quality results need to be evaluated.

Chose the right milking parlor solution for your farm. Whether it’s upgrading an existing parlor or building a brand new parlor. Krishna Industries is the specialists in milking parlour design and construction. With vast eperence in designing and building dairy parlors we’re well equipped to create a design that suits your exact needs, no matter how challenging. So if you’re after bilding a more efficient milking parlour, take advantage of Krishna Industries and contact them at  or


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